Athlete Stories

Watch former NFL player Brandon Marshall's keynote address from our first-ever Online OCD Conference! Here, Brandon shares his story and offers up some inspiration for the OCD community.

Dr. Elizabeth McIngvale and Ginny Fuchs, Flyweight Boxer of USA and Team Captain of the Women's Olympic Team share their inspirational stories about fighting for your dreams despite OCD.


OCD Does NOT Improve Athletic Performance

OCD Does NOT Improve Athletic Performance How My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Tried To Steal My Passion for Endurance Athletics Worries - that is what my family called the thoughts in my head. In elementary school, I worried that if I didn't touch objects in a particular order or offer complete honesty, catastrophe would ensue. I confessed the tiniest moral imperfections, receiving reassurance that I was a good person. As I grew older, endurance athletics became an outlet for my untreated OCD. However, unlike articles you read where OCD leads to dedication that enriches athletic performance … my focus on the ...

Cali Werner running a marathon
Black male runner about to start a race.